What DAW?


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Which DAW software might work on either a Microsoft Surface pro4 (or an Apple iPad Pro with a new M1 chip)?

Any suggestions?

Haven’t recorded in decades…. :bag

I think Logic Pro works on the iPad Pro
Logic Pro does not run on iPads. But Apple's free app "GarageBand" is a stripped down version of Logic, that works quite well for simple things. I'd also recommend Cubasis for iPad, which is Steinberg's stripped down version of Cubase.

But... I can't really recommend an iPad for recording purposes. It's a very powerful device for sure, but its operating system and I/O are very limiting factors. A MacBook would be the better choice.
I don’t need much… I’ll try GarageBand and then see if I need to upgrade. Been decades since Cubase.

Simple tracks.

GarageBand is solid. I assume your not trying to record a full band and just wanting to use it to get ideas down and basic stuff done, no?
Garageband is stupid easy to use and free on your iPad!

I use mine whenever I’m at work to record melodies when they pop in my head. What I love about it the most is that GB files are compatible with Logic so I can just Airdrop the files from one machine to the other and it’s seamless. Even if the majority of “writing” I’ve done on my iPad was arranging farts into beats.
Another vote for Garageband. You can do some really good stuff with it. Not sure about the Mobile edition, but the Macbook and iMac versions can absolutely deliver pro level recordings.