What Are These On The Front Of Petrucci's Live Cabs?

Huh! You da man. (And here I was about to say don't gimme a bunch of guesses. ;) )

Now if they just had something like that for drummers that doesn't put them behind plexiglass... (I know, it's the opposite reason, but still.)

#Damn drummers!

Check out this cool vid, which is based on how Butch Vig recorded Dave Grohl's
kick drum on Nirvana's Nevermind.

Yeah, someone in a guitar group said he was using condenser mics on his cabs which is why he needs them, but really it could be any mic. John isn’t exactly carefree when it comes to his tones, so I could see him doing the same thing regardless of the mic just to get that much better isolation. Especially where this is a smaller venue tour than DT is normally doing. His cabs haven’t even been onstage with DT for the last few tours. I know at one point he just had two 1x12’s mic’d offstage somewhere.