Uberschall Ultra

Oh My GIF by Omaze
Maybe if they make enough money from selling these, they’ll be able to afford a web developer!

Also, I’m sure it sounds lovely, but won’t give that Rezamatix tool any YouTube clicks.
The Ubershall pedal with post EQ pedal and pre-boost if needed into a decent tube amp and cab will give you this.
it’s a generic high gain with dial-able definition. Metamorph and density might require more work. Still doable IMO.
Hmm... I'm curious how the Uberschall rev green/rev2 purist are gonna embrace this new Uber Ultra :unsure:
Okay, listened to the clip; seriously guys? You're all oohing and ahhing over that? Sounds like a Revv G pedal or MXR 5150 OD into a tube amp. Nothing remotely special. Though to be fair to the Bogner, that's how this guy usually dials in tone, like a hot bag of ass.