This Is How Much I Love Music


Rock Star
Aside from playing my teenage aunt's 45 records as soon as my 4 year-old self hit the door at my grandmother's house every summer break, and Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday, I just remembered a story from Kindergarten I thought funny enough to share.

I was allowed to walk home from school one day, about 2 miles, and even at 5, I had me a little crush on the cutest little blonde-haired girl in my class. So I take the long way home past her house, knock on her door, and end up downstairs in her basement playing records (that's not a euphemism for "I'll let you see mine if you let me see yours. That came later! Lol), for the next THREE HOURS!

I'm just totally oblivious to what was happening by now out in the neighborhood; I just liked listening to music. A lot!

So you can probably imagine..., I leave her house, and there's all these people, and police cars, all out on the streets. Someone sees me and they were like, "WE FOUND HIM!"

Yeah, I was with my gf, listening to music. Whatchya all trippin for?