The Soundcraft UI24r aint what it's cracked up to be. Especially for modeling.

Bob Zaod

Rock Star
I have been fighting what I thought was my IP2000 Turbosound system to get it to sound good with guitar stuff and it's been a very frustrating thing to deal with. I mean I tried everything from making sure all the gain staging was good, to using the onboard DSP in different modes to positioning them differently and just threw my hands up after many hours of fighting it.

Well for some reason the idea popped into my head to try one of my analog mixers (Presonus Studiolive AR16) going to the IP2000 array system and it was like night and day. It sounded so much fuller playing guitar through it. This was true with not only the newly updated Helix but also the Headrush MX5 and even my Joyo American and British. Just much more natural and fuller sounding. Whether it's an analog vs Digital thing I dunno, I suspect the Presonus pre's just play nicer with modeling stuff than the UI24r does. Now I feel like I gotta use the Presonus mixer for gigs and that present's a new problem. I run FOH, Lights and Monitors for the 3 bands I am in. Much easier to do with a tablet.

I dont want to go OT but now I am figuring out how to use the UI24r for just sub mixing drums and also running monitors. The sub mixing thing is easy but monitoring...Never done it. Never used 2 systems, one for FOH and one for monitors.

Off to the drawing board. Pretty happy about the modeling part though. Big weight off my chest.
My friend has the Ui16 model, and we came to the conclusion the unit does something bad to the sound, not sure what it is, but the PA system sounded better after plugging in a regular analog desk.
Do digital mixers add some latency.... or is it just poopy preamps??
It doesn't seem to add any latency and it's supposedly has Studer preamps. Just doesn't sound all that great compared to my Presonus Now that I got a chance to run everything through it. I think it will make a fine drum mixer