Space Echo Boss RE202

Superb review; very complete and cool jams!
Thanks! We pride ourselves in thorough and honest reviews. I admit my video capabilities aren’t really of a professional standard (yet). I’m still learning my way around premiere pro. For my tastes anyway, hearing stunt guitar players do these kinds of things is fun. A lot of fun. Those videos dont really show me how I CAN or cant use the products. Some of these guys can make a can of tuna sound amazing. Anyone ever see Pete Thorn or similar put up a video and think “well, this is going to suck”? Of course not. Every singe thing sounds awesome. Put a piece of gear into average hands and let me hear it. Thorough rundowns for me are helpful, too. The magazines tend to put out a paragraph long review. That’s not really a review, its more like an ad.

Currently on the bench are the BOSS GX100, the New Jackson Soloist, some Neural and Line 6 plugins. Swamped is an understatement. Where do people find the time?