SonoBus - Free IEM system over WiFi (or P2P)


Not sure if this is the right section to post this stuff, but I wanted to share with you guys that I just discovered this open source system for streaming audio with the lowest possible latency over a local or remote network.

It's available on pretty much every platform (Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) and completely free to use.

I just quickly tested it and I got 22ms latency streaming from a laptop to my android smartphone, both connected to a router over wi-fi and using the on-board audio interface on the PC.
With the PC connected via ethernet, an asio interface and a 5GHz wifi network it should go even lower, so I'd say definitely usable as an IEM system, not so sure for remote playing (I guess it depends on your connection as well).

Be sure to read the guide on their website cuz there's some useful info for the configuration.
Also, for some reason the audio was stuttering on my phone until I switched the sample rate from 48 KHz to 44.1, despite the audio sent from the laptop was at 48KHz. After changing that it worked flawlessly (might be due to some issue with the android audio driver), so keep that in mind if you have similar issues.

It’s a great app. Very well designed and implemented. I played around with using it as a wireless IEM with my XR18/iPad and iPhone about a year ago, but decided it was just too much latency for me. Kind of a pain to set up too, as wifi can be really inconsistent if things aren’t set up in a specific way.

And indeed I just tried it with my fm9 as the interface while playing (32 samples buffer) and, despite the latency reported on the app was around 20ms, the real latency was around 150ms actually, unplayable. I don't know if that's cuz I'm using an android phone which is not the greatest option for audio stuff, but I wonder what's pushin' it up this much.
I'll try this evening with two windows PCs to see if it's any better.