some of the stuff i've been working on for my church...


i play in church primarily these days which means most of the guitar parts are pretty boring.

fortunately, the worship pastor isn't really a stickler for being a hillsong or bethel cover band, so i get to rework the guitar parts the way i want to.

here is an example of a hillsong tune called "no one but you" that is your basic D mixolydian kinda progression (D, C, G) that i reworked. these are the actual tracks of the original tune, but i replaced all the tracks with my own stuff.

there are four guitar tracks on here. everything is close-miked with a 57 and zero EQ, compression or anything else. mostly because i am too stupid to know how to use that.

1. solo around 5:05. tyler studio elite into bogner ecstasy 3534 head on red channel into bogner 412 with vintage 30s. tyler has a tyler california special humbucker.

2. dirty rhythm guitars. one track is a 50s les paul standard goldtop bone stock into the blue channel of the bogner and into the bogner 412 with V30s. the other one is a gibson les paul classic with lambertones grinder pickup (like a super-low-output PAF-style pickup) into the same amp and cab.

3. verse guitars/mid-gain tones. that is a squier jazzmaster i had reworked with TV jones classics (filtertrons) into a matchless HC30 head and a marshall 412 with greenbacks.

4. guitar fills leading up to bridge and solo. tyler into bogner blue channel with boost on. bogner 412.

I thought it was pretty man... Did you record the choir vocals n stuff too?
nah, those are part of the original tracks, which we are gonna replace.

basically, we use the original tracks as a template and then just replace everything with our own arrangement and parts.

here is a before and after of another tune.

original one:

our remake: of God mix 002.mp3?dl=0

in the remake, i used a few fender strats for the rhythm guitars, and the tyler again for the solo. same rig and same miking techniques (or lack thereof). this version IS mixed, however. :)