another one for the church album...


this one is the tune "way maker," which is a fairly popular and well-trodden worship tune by leeland.

the way we are approaching the whole recording process is to use the original backing tracks from multitracks as a template and arrangement, and then to redo all the parts our way. so basically these are the original tracks (might not be the leeland version--i don't remember), but with my guitars replacing the original ones.
around 5:55 i did a solo which is way loud in this rough mix, but which will be much lower once we mix it and have vocals over it.

guitars were a hodgepodge. my suhr classic S for the stuff in the second verse and chorus. that's all through a helix.

for the LA studio slick chorused clean parts, that was my tyler studio elite. dirty guitars in the bridge part were my tyler, as was the first part of the solo. the suhr was the last part of the solo where you can hear it overdubbed onto another track. all of that stuff was my bogner ecstasy 3534 into a bogner 412 with V30s and miked with a single 57. no EQ, no compression. all effects you hear are printed from either the helix or my LA sound design board which was mostly a strymon timeline, though i used the mobius and the big sky for the clean LA studio clean parts.

i went for a melodic thing, adding in some eric johnson-inspired ascending lines.