Soldano SLO pedal

Sounds good to me, gain range, tightness and tonestack all tuned very well.
That dude does GREAT sounding videos. I am only seeing it at Thomann. Not sure where else it will be available. Or I could be blind trying to shop this early in the AM
Art School Coffee GIF by sarahmaes
That's intriguing! I'll have to check out demos.

What's the price? Guessing $300-ish?

Now available. $229.00

Would love to see someone do the high level - no gain thing to an already saturated tone, to see how it works as a tightener.
That's the only decent demo of it so far. Lynch's tone in the promo video is a hot buzzy mess.:poop:
Haven't seen that. FWIW; I have always loved George's Dokken era playing but his tone; not so much.
In this one they could not get the pedal to sound like the real amp at all

But in the OP, the pedals sounded good..hmmm.
I have to say the demos sound really good but I’ve been fooled before. If I didn’t already have the amp I’d be trying one for sure.