Softube Amp Room Marshalls vs the real deals



in hindsight I think using a stiffer load would have made these sound a little closer/easier to dial in but IMO it’s still splitting hairs ultimately. The Suhr has produces a brighter and more aggressive power amp response which I often like with Marshalls but there’s a time and place for it. Sometimes feels like I have to crank the input on the plugins to get them responding like the real amps, although it’s kind of interesting how all 3 real amps have a pretty different onset of gain to each other. 2203 is quite a gradual taper from clean into gain. 2104 is just instant gain, doesn’t really do clean in the high input. 4104 has a clean, and then it suddenly goes into distortion.

The random quirks and interactions are really the beauty of real amps, in the same way consistency and convenience are the beauty of modelling. I simultaneously feel like the differences are pointless and also they’re everything.