So my BROE had a stroke awhile back


This dude was a MONSTER of a player; could play anything after hearing it once. I traded him a guitar locally and we got to talking and became friends and I paid him for lessons. Went on like that for a couple years and then the stroke.

Dude completely FORGOT how to play guitar. I was blown away. I’m not kidding, this dude could play anything almost note for note after hearing it once, knew everything about theory and taught it to me in an easily picked up manner and helped me a lot, plus he was a super chill guy and fun to hang out with.

I’ve always made more $$ than him, so after that I talked to him about doing something different and he was down.

I grabbed him an interface, we talked about different orchestral stuff and we went to town.

Ended up doing a bunch of film/TV stuff, including American Horror Story and stuff along those lines.

This was a fun one one afternoon when we were drinking and just pushing buttons, got picked up by GoPro and they paid us quite a lot for licensing it lol