Power surge for pedals...


Maybe a slight off topic but anyone in here smart with electric stuff lol.

So I wanna know if this power surge would be ok. I'd like to get 2 of them, one for each side of my desk...

Or may get one of them long 3 feet office / garage type. Like this

Basically I just play at home with all my pedals on desk / tables etc.. However it's very tiring to have to plug in a bunch of them one by one before I wanna play and I'm not sure if that's good on each pedal to plug in and unplug once or twice a day and may wear them out?

So I wanna get something where I can have so many plugged in one side of my desk and another with so many on the other side etc.. and be able to leave all pedals plugged in and just turn on / off with the switch.

I just don't wanna blow or fry something, so is something like this ok for that?

My computer, monitor, and 2 sets of monitor speakers all go into something else already so they don't sit on the same circuit as my pedals.

My set up right now is:

line 6 helix, empress effect zoia, tc electronics infinite sustainer, hologram microcosm, strymon mobius, strymon volante, strymon nightsky, strymon bigsky, meris lvx, eventide h90, chase bliss mood, chase bliss blooper, chase bliss habit, source audio c4, boss sy-300, boss dd-500, boss md-500, boss rv-500, mpc one