Paint It Black, Cello Cover, From Wednesday Series


Rock Star
I was really intrigued hearing this today, and the cello adaptation is haunting, mesmerizing, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I didn't recognize the tune at first.

The combination of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman is what drew me in to watch the show, but now I want to find a tabbed version of that cello cover, and I guess it's simply too new for any to exist on the regular sites. But man I wanna play it. Just not bad enough to work it out by ear!

But I may have to get the soundtrack of the show, because Danny Elfman once again does an amazing job!
There are some Covers that are so awesome done on different instruments
I like this one

I always found this interpretation to be outstanding ..... I like the Wednesday one as well

Man, I love almost all of Westworld’s soundtrack stuff. I LOVE those slow/moody covers of songs that have jumped up on almost every movie/TV show in the last decade. I really want to do one of Soundgarden’s “Blow Up The Outside World”.