Opinions on Bogren Digital's single knob plug-ins?

For just playing guitar the AmpKnob Rev C sounds a little bit too scooped and bass heavy to me, but in the context of a metal mix I must say it really works amazingly well. Similar thing with the newly released bass plug-in... for just playing I find it too dark and mushy but it works well in the mix. What do you guys think?
I haven’t tried them, but the clips I’ve heard seem to match well with what you say.

They sound great in a mix for metal, but not exactly super versatile for anything else. Though to be fair I guess they’re not really trying to be
Same as you man; didn’t really think much of it but downloaded the trial just to see.

Worked great in the mix, and really dug it.

Haven’t tried the bass yet, based on your rec I’ll give it a shot.

Dude is doing cool shit.