Ok. I’m in love

Johnny Kemper

What do I do say to the Mrs to get this beauty


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Gents this is a beast of a guitar. Michael Neilson has a studio elite on order.
Check Kristian Larsen out on YouTube he plays these bad boys
That's a butterface...or a butterstock in this case.

It's almost like they couldn't decide on where to brand the headstock so why not brand it all over the place?
Go plug your phone in!

I like it. I know the headstocks get a lot of flack, but in the context of a guitar like this I don't even mind it. I'm sure it's a killer guitar.
super hot

i used to hate the headstock but now i kinda like stuff like that if the product backs it up and i have heard nothing but great things
“Don’t worry, once you play it you won’t hate the headstock as much.”