Rock Star
New preamp-kit day.



AML Neve 1073 kit in da house. Just need a chasis, some faceplates, some knobs, some wire, and some patience (or at least a soldering friend with patience!)
So one of my best friends builds amps. Originally I was gonna get the AMS Neve at £1638, but he said if I get the kit, he'd build it for me. So if I'm there, I'll take some photos. Otherwise it might just be before and after shots.

Still need to get a few bits anyway, so will be a week or two I guess.
Yeah, I’m anxious to see how this works out, man!

My next GAS is aimed towards mic pre’s and outboard gear!
What do know bout inches? I thought you guys measured yours in centimeters.
Mate, I'm 6 foot 2 inches, at the moment a quite unsightly 14 stone, and I've got a cold and have more or less put out about 14 fl oz of snot over the last two days. Yucky poos.

Bloody hell. Not too far off a year since I bought this thing. My friend built it for me and it has sat on his shelf for ages, because I couldn't get my shit together. But look what turned up today:

Not long now!