New pedal day


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Got me Re-202 today. It’s Fuckijg dope but I’ve got a lot of work to do this week getting it dialed in for a gig this weekend (already sold my avalanche run, I love changing my whole rig up before a gig lmao)

Gotta do the firmware update ASAP tho dotted 8th notes are crucial to me now I know how you modeler guys feel


Curious what you think of that Mutron Phaser.

I fucking love it. I used various MXRs over the years that are staples for a reason but if you're after 4/6 stages I think this hard to beat. I'm obsessed with all the mutron stuff. Some people on TGP were having issues with theres but I've been tossing this around multiple times a week to practice/shows and haven't had any problems with it
Gotta do the firmware update ASAP... now I know how you modeler guys feel
@DrewJD82 and I share a theory: There's a certain % of Fractal users who only use their units on the days new FW drops. Lol

"OOOOHHHH It's FW Friday. Yeeeeaaaa!! Wow! That 100pf capacitance bleed on the Plexi really make my notes jump off the fretboard!"
Plays for 20 minutes. Turns unit off until next update.

I swear if I were Cliff, I'd put some type of change in the FW release notes, but secretly not really change that particular setting, just so I could sit back and see how many people comment about how much better it sounds. (But I'd never tell 'em what I did.)
That's going to the afterneath. It controls the drag knob :love
The EQD switches are weird. When I got the Plumes; I was like "hey no switch click! :love ". Then I got some other pedals in and looked back at the EQD and was like "hey; no switch click! :("

Still not sure where I stand between the different switch styles :bag
I’m watching EQD’s Retrospective video on the Afterneath and I’m pretty sure I know where my next gear money is going.