New Pedal Day (Kit build, finally finishing up)

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"But dad it sounds broken" my son tells me after I rattle the box.


4 days to get from foggy England to foggy California, an Angry Charlie clone from Fuzzdog UK. Literally no indication of what these little resistors are. Nothing is labeled and there aren't really instructions showing me what is what. As a first time pedal build I'm stumped right off the bat. I already had to separate the two pcbs as it looked like they sent me two connected together.

I found a handy resistor identifier/calculator but how am I supposed to know which one is r1, r8?

Well, if you get bored playing with the color code calculator just measure the resistors. :LOL:

btw, I love Crunch Box type circuits, Angry Charlie should sound awesome.
So I've measured one that I didn't look up yet and it reads 1 ohm. There are no 1 ohm pieces listed in the schematic. What am I doing wrong?
If you have a mutimeter with manual range of resistance, you should select the lowest range that doesn't show overload reading.
You can (should) verify with the color code calculator to be sure the reading is accurate.
Yes I downloaded the build doc. It shows nothing about what parts are what exactly and their website explains that it wants you to have to learn something so they're not just going to tell you what's what. They make you do it yourself. I didn't read that fine print before ordering and I probably wouldn't have ordered if I had noticed that in the first place.

Here's the resistor:

Here's what it reads:
Maybe something's wrong with my multimeter. The ones I identified as 1M aren't even making the needle jump