NAD: Diezel Mini


TGF Recording Artist
Went out yesterday to trade some unwanted gear into the local MusicGoRound for a Jackson X Series Soloist I played there about two months ago. They gave me more in store credit than I expected for the smaller things I was trading and far less for two guitars I brought in - so I kept the guitars (sold one online a few hours later for about 2.5x what they offered) and traded in the small stuff.

To make it worse, the Jackson was dead mint when I first played it, but since then has clearly been abused by customers. It had several dings, some adhesive-like substance all over the back of the neck (gum, maybe?) and somehow the back of the trem had sunk into the body quite a bit - like someone tried to adjust it and didn't know what they were doing. It's also now missing several of the screws for the trem cavity cover, to back up the notion someone "adjusted" the Floyd. It was like a completely different guitar but they still had it priced at market value for a mint one. So, #Hardpass.

But, they had several of these Mini amps that appear to be brand new (didn't know they sold new stuff) for $199, so I used my credit for a Diezel. (paging @KingsXJJ )


I wasn't expecting it to be nearly as cool as the SLO Mini based on what I've read about them online. But, it's every bit as cool, if you ask me. They're definitely voiced differently, with the SLO being a bit more cold/stark/scooped/harsh and the DZL a bit more warm/mid-ish. But, both rip.

After spending an hour or so swapping cables back and forth to A/B them, I bought a Radial Bigshot ABY off Reverb to run them through. Right now I'm using a homemade 112 cabinet I built with my Father in Law right before he passed away a year and half ago, but think I'm going to hunt down another 212 or even maybe get a 412 for my Badlander and put these two on my Randall Diavlo 212... it's always great when you buy a piece of gear that creates excuses to buy more gear :rofl

Speaking of, this makes me want to get another Bogner Mini, then maybe the Friedman... or wait and hope this company releases an Uberschall, a Recto and a JCM.