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I wanna write this up more for myself and to get my thoughts percolating on a few more acquisitions and some sales, but also it might be interesting for others, I dunno. It might just be narccistic twattery as well. But I'm fine with that.

So ....

Gigabyte Vision-D b550
AMD Ryzen 5950X
32GB Crucial Ballistix RGB DDR4

Audio Interfaces
Presonus Quantum (primary)
Antelope Audio Discrete 8 (secondary)

Yamaha HS8M's
M-Audio BX5's

Orville by Gibson Les Paul Custom '91
LTD EC1000-ET (LP style, with Evertune)
Fender Strat Player
Gibson J-50 acoustic
Musicman Stingray
Fame Baphomet IV

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (multi-watt)
Marshall JVM410HJS
Diezel VH4
Diezel D-Moll
Diezel Hagen
Orange Rockerverb
Laney VH100R
Carlsbro 60's PA valve head

Marshall JCM800 Lead 1960 with T75's (British)
Marshall Mode Four with K100's (British???)
Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 with V30's (Chinese)

Line 6 Helix Floor
Fractal Axe FX III Turbo

Boss RV-5
Boss RV-500
Boss DD-8
Boss DD-500
Boss DM2w

Boss SD1w
Boss PS-6
Boss BF2
Boss EQ-200
Boss LS-2
MXR Tremolo

MXR Reverb
MXR Dyna Comp
MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe
Gamechanger Audio+Third Man Plasma Coil

Hardwire RV-7 Reverb
Hardwire DL-8 Delay
Hardware Tube Overdrive
Dunlop Crybaby bb535
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Dunlop Justin Chancellor Wah
Lehle Mono Volume
Boss FV30
Digitech FreqOut
Source Audio C4
Boo Instruments TS808 clone
TC Flashback II X4
TC Hall of Fame II X4
Eventide H90
Xvive Echoman

Synths & Samplers
Novation Summit
Novation Bass Station II
Waldorf Iridium
ASM Hydrasynth
Elektron Digitakt

Signal Arts Reamp box
Rupert Neve Designs DI Box
Suhr Reactive Load IR
Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200
Boss EV30
Alesis Strike Pro SE e-kit
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So there's some stuff here that I'm just not using. Mostly pedals to be honest, that the Helix and Axe III do just as well. I'm thinking utility stuff like EQ-200, LS-2, the flanger, etc.... I may as well get rid of those.

I'm not really vibing with the Eventide H90, so thinking of shifting that too.

Ultimately what I'm thinking about is another amp.... but no real need for one... I just WANT one....
So I think I don't need the following:

- Eventide H90 (not bonding with it as much as I hoped)
- Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200 (don't like it)
- Xvive Echoman (small little delay thing, but don't need it)
- Source Audio C4 (currently on loan to a mate who might buy it)
- Boss FV30 (prefer the Lehle)
- Gamechanger Audio+Third Man Plasma Coil (it's cool, but bought on a whim and haven't used it for anything)
- MXR Dyna Comp (it's a compressor... Helix and Axe do it)
- MXR Tremolo (great pedal.. but again.. Helix and Axe do it)
- Boss LS-2 (a good utility pedal but don't need it)
- Boss EQ-200 (Helix and Axe do it)
- Boss BF2 (I'm very fond of it, but Helix and Axe do it)
- Boss PS-6 (don't like it, and Helix and Axe do it... sensing a theme here)
- Marshall Mode Four (I really don't need 3 4x12's !!)

So those are what I'm thinking of selling... to fund either an FM9... or an amp....
Send over the Mode 4 and Powerstage

He says, shouting across the pond with a paper megaphone
After playing your D-Mol cap I’ve been watching way too many demos of that amp. :satan How does it stack up against the other Diezels you have?
So recently I sold the Fryette/VHT Sig:X. I think I'd just outgrown the amp, and noticed I hadn't really used it very much for a while. My VH4 and JVM are getting the most action.

I'm gassing for a Dual Recto, so may pick one up soon.

I'm also looking to overhaul my pedalboard options, and I've put a pre-order down on a GigRig G3. My reason being, it's good for pedalboard control stuff, offers me a bit more flexibilty than the Helix does in terms of snapshots, and I can most likely use it to control my Axe FX III as well.

I'm probably not going to shift the Mode Four cab. Instead at some point I'll sell the K100's in it and try to get a quad of V30's for it - found my speaker brand basically!
I'm pretty similar with mine. When recording or gigging I tend to go with a les Paul or tele and just use the strat at home when I'm getting my occasional dad blues out of my system.

Hmm might have to rethink just using my strat when I'm in the mood for dad blues. I'm loving the sounds Rabea's using in this video

So I added the Dual Recto to the setup, and I've put down 50% deposit for my GigRig G3. Defo heading back to a singles board at this point, just too many pedals that I miss. BigSky and Timeline required first.
I got rid of quite a few pedals recently, with more to go as well. I'm currently regretting the G3 purchase :rofl

Not because it is bad, it really isn't. In fact it is the best switching unit available, very easy to use and very capable. But I need to spend at least another £1000 to get what I wanted, and ultimately??? Axe FX 3 does it all already. Should've just bought an FC12.