My current situation..

Bob Zaod

Rock Star
I really need a shed in my backyard. I'd get one before a new guitar. Yeah I'm weird, I like other things, too. I'd vote shed.

What I really want is to move a bunch of stuff from the garage into the new imaginary shed so I can move a bunch of stuff in the house into the garage to make room for more gear
I'd prefer to run it over with a very large vehicle then burn it with the brush but wife sez fix it.
Oh i know that feeling all to well… she inherited an old sundial, really old one, her grandmas old sundial. She grew up with that thing and bla bla bla. Now it’s standing behind our garage attached to some damn rock that weighs like a ton, and she needs that damn sundial to be perfectly placed in the yard so she can have plants around it and whatnot.
And I freaking hate that ugly rusty old iron abomination of a thing… she’s been poking me all summer about it “honey… when we gonna put that sundial in the yard?”
It also has the end of the arrow missing so it’s like half an arrow going through it…

At least.. I made her agree to get some one to pressure sand it and restore it before we even dig a hole… wives…

Oh.. and I am acting like a child about almost everything because I really want to chill and twiddle my HX stomp…