Most Regrettable Trade Deals


My very first guitar, a BC Rich NJ Series Warlock from the 80's for a sh*tty Playboy pedals. It was made by Rolls and had chorus/distortion that sounded like straight ass. It had a f*cking belt clip on the back of it if I remember right, with a footswitch on the front. I was just so anxious to have a pedal and got a Strat for Christmas that year, knew my uncle was into gear trading and thought I was just joining the game.

Fortunately, 25 years later, @Iron1 happened to have the exact model Warlock and we worked out a trade. It's currently sitting in pieces waiting for me to paint it Cadillac Pink like my original one......which I might actually get around to this week since I'm chilling on big purchases for a while.
I had bought an old Marshall head and cabinet from its original owner for $200 back in the late 80's/early 90's. He said it was just sitting in his garage getting dusty..., not sure if it worked..., I only played guitar for a short time..., have no idea what these old tube amps are worth, etc.

I really didn't either, but I wasn't about to educate him; I knew 2 hundred was a bit of a steal, but the cab was in rough shape. But it was a 4x12 with 25 watt Greenbacks, so I didn't really care what it looked like.

I used it as half of my stereo rig for a few years, until I heard about this amp called MP-1, which I had to have. But this Marshall had no MV, and it just wasn't working for me with the ADA MP-1. So I traded it and my JCM 900 head for a new Mesa Stereo 50/50, and was happier than the proverbial pig-in-sh!t!

I didn't realize what I'd had until later, but it was either a JTM or JMP, the old style with the small script. I wanna say it was a JTM 45. Either way, I was happy because I got the tone, and control over it that I wanted, but I'm pretty sure the sales mgr at GC did a little dance after I left. :banana
Traded an OG ibanez 6 string bass for a shitty fender acoustic 20+ Years ago

Still pissed
Couple years ago I traded a brown quilt Prestige S for a 7-string Schecter KM. I hated the V7/V8 pu's and didn't have the soldering rig I now have, but still, totally asinine. Didn't keep the Schecter more than a few months. :facepalm
Traded a real 1964 Vibroverb for a new custom guitar... Miss that amp.

However, I got that on trade for a Mesa Lone Star Classic, straight up.

Life goes on....
I done did some dumb trade-ins when I was a young'n. Those first rack mount preamps, and
pointy guitars really did some damage to my self-esteem later in life.

Lesson: Never follow trends! Ever! :LOL:
I fucken hate this memory lol, traded a Mesa standard 2x12 cab for a Valveking 2x12 combo. I had no amp at the time and the cab wasn't doing me any good but the amp I got had shot power tubes and one of the input jacks didn't work at all. I did the trade in a parking lot so no ability to test anything until I got home. After some lengthy exchanges over SMS he went from offering to send me a few new tubes to just trying to call me out for ripping HIM off since the cab didn't come with castors or a dust cover. Learned a hard lesson that day.
I traded two 1967 G12m Greenbacks with Pulsonic Cones for what turned out to be a 1976 Celestion Alnico with a 1777 cone, which didn't sound all that great and that I later sold for £200. The Greenbacks... were worth more. And sounded better.
In terms of trades I can't recall any regrets

In terms of just selling stuff that I shouldn't have?? Don't get me started
I feel your pain…
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traded a beat to shit but working orange rockerverb 50 combo for a charvel model 6. The guy really liked the amp and I liked him (at the time) so I made the trade. Found out he just died last week and I’m kinda creeped out. Anyone want to buy a charvel model 6 with EMGs? I’d let it go at a fair price.