Maybe stupid? Maybe not. Amp incoming. Again.


TGF Recording Artist
So sort of a part II.


I'm stuck on Boogie. Despite having some issues with the amps that in fairness aren't necessarily their fault. In looking around for something that could fit the rack or smaller headshell format and have the xtra 90 or 100 watt punch I am wanting (that isn't useful for my gigs but I don't GAF); I picked this up. It'll sit right on my cabs and has that extra 50w of :satan
I'm kind of feeling like not fighting it. Get the rack in place, make sure it's good then move the 50 watter to make room for something "different" (that I'll dial to sound the exact same :bag ) after that.

Makes sense, especially since you were gonna rack the other anyway. Extra 50w doesn’t hurt too.

I’m with you on the “buy something different only to find the tone settings and OD pedal combination that makes it sound exactly the same as the other setup”. I’ve done that a time or seven. lol