Lovepedal Sale

la szum

I am an huge fan of Sean and his work. Just wanted to share an heads up on a limited run sale.

Some great deals.

Sean and his team build these as ordered and then they are delivered once built---usually within
4 weeks.

No affiliation.

@la szum I had to check on my order because once it passed the paypal page the next confirmation page came up as an error, I just wanted to confirm it all went through (paypal took the money out immediately), I mentioned my love for the DD and this was the reply I got back-

You're gonna love this one. It's so good hahahah I like it better than all of em with these transistors, even better than the germanium. People are gonna freak when these get out there he he

Now if this were BEFORE I paid for the pedal, I'd probably just blow it off, but he's already got my money. I'm REALLY anxious to get this one!