IR Fun

Sascha Franck

Rock Star
So, you think these plastic liquorice/peanuts bags will become your new lush reverb algorithm?


Well, they might at least sound like this:

In case anyone's interested, I may have some more fun stuff to share.
And fwiw, any convolution reverb plugin will do, pretty much all of them do at least have a simple envelope (which is required so you can at least adjust the decay), even freebies such as Convology XT.
Fwiw, I also snagged the reverb trail of this video a while ago:

Trimmed it a bit, slapped it into Logics Space Designer again, applied a bit of envelope:
You can also use waves, showers, toilet flushing, whatever.
I already posted this somewhere, these are frogs abused for IR duties:
I'm still failing to see what an IR shot from a bag of Ruffles is going to accomplish musically.
Seriously. The whole initial response of "Why" should be crystal clear. What are you going to use this for?

Easy, brother… Don’t you recognize a Mexican standoff?

I just used space designer on my last project to use a convolution IR to do “strange things” in the mix.

Who cares if there’s yet another option/choice?