I submitted a track to be in a video game. First time I've ever done something like that.



I have 5 of these kinds of songs, I wrote them primarily during the lockdown during the 2020 pandemic. For some reason I could write these pretty easily then so I ripped out a few that year. Quite different from my normal music. If you can believe, all the guitars and most of the synth were recorded entirely with a Fractal FM3.
Immediately gave me a Queensryche vibe with the guitars in the intro, I love this sh*t right away!

This is a lot like the electronic/synth stuff I start and never know what to do with. I’m taking notes!

Production sounds great on this, man, tight work indeed! I love the sparse guitars instead of using the whole song as a backing track to noodle over. As it’s gone on it reminds me of something I’d hear on a Puscifer or A Perfect Circle song and there’s nothing wrong with that!
Dave Grohl Killer GIF by Foo Fighters