I Love My Majesty, But...


Rock Star
I'm reminded at every string change that I don't like the design of their saddles.

There's no recess for the string to occupy. It's just a round cylinder, laying on its side, that the string crosses over. So you need to be aware that the string doesn't automatically seat itself in the center. Pull it through, tighten the tuner, start turning it to put a little tension on the string, then center the string yourself.

Over time the saddle wears very slightly, and then you know exactly where to put the string, but it shouldn't be this way.

I bet hardly anyone buying a used Majesty would even think to look closely at the pictures, to see that the strings are in the center, because if they're not, and that's where they've worn in, that's where they're gonna live. Not that that's a huge issue, but really the strings' spacing to each other won't be consistent without them being in the center of the saddle.
Barbie Benton was pretty hot. And hmm, I've been on the fence with buying a Majesty or a JP15 (along with other guitars, lol) so that's scaring me a bit. Just a bit as I'm sure I could center them and keep them that way, on a new one.