I just finished up playing alongside the best guitar player I've ever jammed with

Bob Zaod

Rock Star
And he wants in. It's such an amazing experience when you have someone like that who (just by his playing and energy) forces everyone else in the band to kick up their game a few notches. The guy is a dream come true. Team/complimentary player when it calls for it, and can rip it TF up when needed. Also is a great backup singer and has good gear.

I feel like I hit the lottery. So many goosebump moments tonight I have to pinch myself. I am on cloud 9 right now.

I cant even tell you how frustrating it has been trying to find players that not only get it but can tear it up also. We gave him the gig even though I had 2 more people scheduled.
Playing with musicians better than you is always awesome and a great learning experience as long as you're receptive to it. Wish I could do it every week.

Absolutely. I have played with folks who were technically more proficient than this guy, but the combination of everything like phrasing, attack, energy, note choice and his tone. I've never experienced playing with such an all in one player. He also was having so much fun and looked like it was so easy for him. The whole band was in awe of this dude the whole time. I don't think he hit a single bad note the whole night. Song after song no matter what we threw at him he just knocked it out of the park. He had less than a week to prepare.