i have a problem with superstrats...


this is what i have currently.

tylers and barajas.JPG
mod shops and sunburst partscaster.JPG
player plus and brewster.JPG
storage superstrats.JPG

and the newest addition, as well...


  • black HSH partscaster.jpeg
    black HSH partscaster.jpeg
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It’s important to be able to color coordinate your guitar with whatever color socks you’re wearing that day.
truth. i am certainly getting there.

i have a white jeff beck strat being modded to superstrat specs, as well as four more strats coming in capri orange, graffiti yellow, shell pink, and flourescent green. i got a flourescent pink one coming, as well.
I have a problem with them too, but I also play in bands that do not need superstrats, so I never collected a lot of them. I still covet them though.