Here comes Kemper. Bye Felicias

Not sure what to make of this. The Liquid Profiling explanation seems to be a bit hand-wavey (not an explanation!). Good to see that they're working on improving their technology regardless.
I'm trying to determine whether it's just advanced profiling or whether there are actual models included.
Wow that's a lot of updates for an existing hardware unit. USB Audio as a firmware update is kind of crazy.

The liquid profiling though sounds like it's just a tone stack emulation for the EQ? Doesn't seem like it's a full modeling solution TBH. I'd be curious how that works for tone knob changes for existing profiles. And are you going to be able to properly gauge the gain changes?
Yep, hybrid of profiling and component was very predictable.
Profiles of Preamps and Poweramp and component modeling of things like tonestacks and gain controls with bright caps in between.
Kudos to Kemper.

I can see how the tone stack modelling might work when overlayed on top of a profile. But a gain control reliably predicting audible character changes in a complex component interaction path on top of a single profile? That seems like a bit of a stretch - or am I missing something?

How could that work?
How could that work?

Tube amps have several known topologies.

Most often:
V1 -> Gain -> V2....V6 -> Tonestack -> Master Volume -> Poweramp.
V1 -> Gain -> Tonestack -> V2....V6 -> Master Volume -> Poweramp.

So I assume their 'liquid profile' puts a profile into a well known amp topology that you choose, Vox, Marshall, Mark, Fender, etc.
The capture itself has to be captured with specific control positions, or the topology has to know how the controls were set.
It's cool listening to how he sees his invention all these years later. And how he has changed his attitude on how he approaches user requests now compared to when it first came out.
Its a bold and great move by him not to put out a new unit that does this new things, even after all this long years with the same hardware.

This will put the Kemper back on the map for sure, IF this new Liquid Profiles is as good as its described.
Not saying I'm going to run out and buy a third Kemper, but I think with this feature, if you add in the powered Kemper Kab, that would be a really fun rig.

My biggest issue with the Kemper is profile hunting, and it sounds like (if this is legit), you're reducing the number of profiles needed substantially (maybe just a couple per amp instead of several different settings).

The other side of it which the Kemper Kab is supposed to address is the cabinet section of the Kemper, which is annoyingly inconsistent across profiles. But the Kab would normalize the cab output to a real cabinet (I think).

Still want to see a smaller/cheaper one though...
I don't think it ever has really left the map? I can see 1000% how someone would go "oh it's 12 years old I'm not buying that" yet it seems like people still are in fact buying it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
With all the new advancements in the capturing field and how this is trending stronger than when Kemper first came out IMO, seeing Kemper get a huge update that will make profiling even better its a great thing.
The other place is going to go crazy as the profiler wars march onward 🫣
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