Thanks to an invitation I am now on here as well as the other place.

To those who don't know me, Hi.
I'm a retired professional guitarist (studio player for the last two decades of my working life) who still can't put the thing down. I wasn't hugely successful, but I still played with some people you may have heard of, and have a fund of stories and opinions; not that anyone would want to hear them.

I play Strats for preference; and before this last generation of modellers I ran a JCM800 2204 and 1968 cab, and a BF Twin as my rig. Now it's a Helix and Catalyst. It's a lot lighter, and more versatile.

I did some lockdown demos, because I can't stop myself. I'm not, however, a great engineer. I do need to find a couple of singers to finish some of the demos. Recommendations for singers somewhere in London gratefully accepted. Here's a basic track as a taste.