Helix/HX Stomp: Full-Bodied Cleans for Gigs


Apologies for this open-ended question/discussion point, but I'd love to hear people's opinions based ont her real-life gigging experience with eh Helix/Stomp:

While going DIRECT to FOH/Mixer/PS, which AMP MODELS+CAB(s) are your first 3 choices for a full-bodied clean tone, with MINIMAL TO NO jarring/breakup/distortion whatsoever? No specific genres.
Voltage Queen + princess cab
Matchstick + Greenback cab
Litigator + Greenback or Princess Cab

Bonus: Princess + Princess Cab

Extra bonus: put a little bit of Rochester or LA Studio compressor after the amp
To elaborate further, I’m currently using the Voltage Queen and litigator setups at a church where I share a monitor with the bassist. Works great. Every time I go direct into a PA I find having a compressor somewhere in the chain does wonders.
And when I plug the same setup into the effects loop of my amp…


(Sorry, I’ve been wanting to use my favorite Star Wars quote for a long time)