Helix Guitar input issue

Hey all, over the past year or so sometimes when I turn on my Helix, the input doesnt work correctly. Its like it has a limiter on. I can hear the attach spike the input, then nothing then a fade in of my signal. I have messed with the input pad and it seems to change the "release" time of the "limiter" indicating it is maybe in the input stage after the pad or could be in the A>D converter? Changing the input impedance doesnt seem to have an effect on the issue.

Sometimes is goes away after a restart, sometimes it doesnt.

I have tried the aux input while the front input is malfunctioning and it does not do the same thing. It sound worse but that is a different issue.

I have not reached out to L6 yet but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue but I will be shooting a contact to L6 in a couple days about this.

Thanks in advance.

**Edit, this is on the Helix Rack but I doubt that is significant difference from the floor unit.
probably a dumb question but....is the noise gate off?
Yes the gate doesnt seem to matter. Its acting like a limiter. I can hear the initial attack then its a hard cut then a fade in. Not like an autoswell but like when I had the gain turned up too much on my interface and my DAW automuted the input.
Backup your presets with HX Edit and do a full factory reset by holding 9&10 (bottom row, two center buttons) before powering on.
Try listening if you still have the issue, if you do it is probably a hardware malfunction of the Guitar Input circuitry.