Helix Command Center 3.52 all hemmajang?


Edit: could be pilot error, wait....its been a bit

If you put Helix Floor in stomps mode and assign snapshots to the stomps, is it going all wonky for you? Seems to be saving correctly for me but hitting any switches makes it behave as it it is set to snapshot next

@Digital Igloo
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Oh man, someone didn't read release notes for, when was this feature introduces, 3.0?

It's a feature, not a bug. Allows you to set different command on the same switch for every snapshot.
Downside is that if you want the same command in all snapshots you have to change it for every. single. snapshot. Default is "next".
Yup that was it, after I started fighting it I remembered having to do it 64 times last time...a pain but it sure allows for flexibility!