Fractal Overdrive/Distortion wish list


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Howdy all Fractal users, so what OD/Distortion drives would you like to see in any future FW updates?

Here are a few id like to see

1: Norland Electronics ODR-C (the better ODR-1)
2: Marshall the Guv'nor (the real McCoy)
3: Sabra Cadabra (it has a Vol IV Knob) or Laney Black country custom (get your Iommi going)
4: Boss Blues driver
5: Revv G3
6: MXR M75 Super Badass 75 distortion

That would be enough for me
Definitely the Nobels, I've never used one but I'm super curious to try it.

Additional Friedman drives would be neat, even if I don't love the real life versions, would still be interesting to hear their take. The Buxom Boost is great.
More is gooder
and variety is the spice of life :D
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@Stone At least try all the drives first for a few weeks (have you?). And as @DrewJD82 is often saying - you can play with the mids options and the advanced options with the drive block to further sculpt your tone.
Been there done that dont need weeks :D many hours spent on the FM9 lots of sleepless nights :D
I mean yes any thing can be sculpted to ones taste, but still nice to have options
and technically i didnt ask Cliff i asked what all you other Fanbois would like to see :guiness