Fractal Global Output EQ


Rock Star
My only gripe I've had with fractal products is that they can sound a tad honky to me at stock settings. I often cut the 1k frequency a bit on the global EQ. For those of you with fractal products, do you notice the same mid range honk and do you try to correct it at the output level?
Very well could be monitoring setup. I also just like more scooped mids in general so maybe that's why? Lol just was course if anyone else has a similar experience!
Depends on how I’m listening to/using it; some IR’s definitely have more mids than others and when I use my FM9 with actual cabs, well, one cab has WGS Retro 30’s that, while they don’t have the ear piercing mids as a regular V30, they’re still V30 flavored and have a lot of mids. The other 2x12 has Black Shadows in it and while they have some mids at lower volumes, once cranked the lows and highs take over…..a lot.

If I’m going for the scooped chugga chugga stuff, I just slap the 5-band Mesa EQ in the amp block on everything and drop the mids there then fine tune in the Tone menu. When I switch to Marshall/Friedman tones it’s right in the ballpark I expect them to be.

I haven’t touched the Global EQ on either Fractal rig I’ve got, but I also harp on the importance of finding the right IR before touching anything else, which probably avoids a lot of those issues.