F1 Fans Untie!


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Any F1 fans here?

Season start in Bahrain yesterday.

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Just got into it recently. Team Alfa Romeo here - but holy hell Fernando was a beast in that race! Doesn't look like Max is resting on his laurels though.
As fun as it is seeing Alonso doing so well, I really wish Seb had stayed one more year. It looks like Aston finally has a car he could put to use!

Definitely looking forward to seeing Max and Charles fight thru the middle. Hopefully it's gonna be a good one today.
Looks like it's going to be a long season for Ferrari. Max was really showing off the extra power the Red Bulls seem to have on some of those overtakes. It was kind of fun to see him and Leclerc battle from the latter half of the grid.
Finally got to watch the race. I’m rooting for Checo this season!

Was pretty cool to see all the back and forth with Alonzo and Stroll working together as a team. Alonzo is going to keep the front row on their (heel) toes.
never watched a race so before I untie with you guys, could you explain things to me?

Do you root for a racer in particular? I mean i get rooting for your countrymen, but I see people mentioning Ferrari and McLaren an RedBull? RedBull is a sponsor so is Ferrari just a sponsor? Or are the cars Ferraris and mclarens? They look the same and must have the same specs to be fair.

Otherwise how can one pilot excel with a crappier car?
You can cheer for whatever you like… This is the pinnacle of racing motorsports.

The cars are built to a “formula“… There’s several $100 million of design into each one.

They evolve over the season w upgrades
There are 10 teams with 2 drivers each. Some of the teams are “factory” teams - Ferrari, McLaren, etc. and others are independent teams or “jr” teams of the bigger teams.

The car engineering and tech is a big part of it - the teams are all trying to build the best car they can and they constantly tweak as the season progresses.