Epiphone Muse Line?


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Anyone have one of these guitars? Or even tried one out? Kinda digging the fit/finish...

I’m very much on the fence with Epiphone right now, with one leg definitely on the “nope” side and the other one getting closer. I dig the idea of them, but at $540 with the Epiphone name attached I’m leery.



That’s the fingerboard of the 2nd release of Adam Jones Epiphones someone posted on Sevenstring last week. A limited edition, very hyped up guitar, $1300 guitar and THAT’S what they’re comfortable letting out the door?!

Not trying to rain on your parade, I’m ALL for lower-mid priced guitars kicking ass, the majority of mine are exactly that, but the Gibson/Epiphone umbrella seems to have a hard time getting quality control….controlled. All that said, I’m sure playing a few in a store would get someone a killer guitar, it’s not like every single one they put out is going to have defects, I just wouldn’t trust them until I saw them in person.

I don’t even give a sh*t about dings and nicks on a new guitar (up to a certain price point) but gouges missing in the fingerboard is a different level. :rofl
Yeah, that sucks.

I got an ES339 a few weeks ago, however, and love it.


So, I figured based off this one, I might take a swing at another Epi...
Most Epis I've seen lately are good not great. Better than Epis from a few years back but not at the level of even low end Gibsons. I think if you had a new bone nut and a fret level/dressing with a bit of fingerboard rolling that likely puts them at an excellent level of playability (assuming no core issues with the guitar/electronics). But I'd say the same about almost every import (outside of PRS SE and some of the $1k+ Fender MIM's).