Browne Protein Drive...thoughts?


Rock Star
Anyone ever give the Protein Drive a spin? I told myself no more boutique drive pedals but here we are. I've had one in the past but would like to revisit. Thing is it's been awhile and I can't recall much of it lol anyone else have an opinion?
I picked up a cool murdered out version when this pedal was the flavor of the month. On one side you've got a modded Bluesbreaker clone, so it's perfect for that edge of breakup, low gain thing and doesn't color your amp's tone too much. On the other side you've got a Nobels ODR1 clone, which despite its green enclosure is pretty far removed from a tube screamer, definitely has its own vibe with that wacky contour knob. Neither side does the high gain thing, even when you stack them. I think its a great low gain drive, with convenient options for different flavors.
I kinda wouldn't mind trying one. Would make a nice "third channel" going into a clean channel on an amp. That being said, I'm wondering if I'm actually a Bluesbreaker guy. While I loved the KoT, and love my MacGuffin (BB+Klone), I didn't at all gel with the Blackbox 2.