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So A few months back i sold my Gen 1 Revstar really loved it but wanted to get those wonderful new Gen II Models now the problem is I really dig the sexy looks of the P-90 offering and dont really like the Humbucker offerings dont care for the stripes while the Sunburst is an option but already have a burst guitar, and My Godin Summit has a set of Lindy Fralin P-90's
I have a set of Black PAF humbuckers which id like to install should i go the route of the Humbucker offering
But then I found this Pickup from The Creamery Pickup its a Humbucker in a perfect drop in P-90 format so that may be the option im looking for

Anyone have any Experience with these Pickups? seems to be very Niche
cause i really love the P-90 Version in Hot Merlot
I mean look how sexy this Axe is


So my New Revstar is coming in next week and I plan to do a few mods like Changing Pickups (AlNiCo IV)
and changing the pick guard and HB rings
I had seen a Video of Jon Cordy comparing it to a Les Paul and his thoughts, but he was using the P-90 version of the Revstar
but i did not watch it to see which was better or which he preferred i Watched mostly because of his playing you can put any guitar in his hands and it will always sound amazing

These guitars kind of give me the Reverend guitar vibe. Where resale might be a little tougher but they make some really cool models if your eye is drawn to what they do.
I have wanted one of their t-style guitars a number of times but can't ever get myself to pull the trigger.

That's pretty much what I had. Koch Gristlemaster. Really great Fishman pickups (would buy again!), fantastic fit and finish; beautiful finely crafted neck and brass Wilkinson compensated bridge saddles. But in the end, I realised the the neck profile just wasn't for me and I spent most of my time on the Cutlass.

On topic: I'd love to try a Yamaha some day; but I'm probably more Pacifica than Revstar with my single-coil Fendery needs. Revstars look great, though. Used to have a Yamaha bass decades ago and that was excellent (I eventually wore out the frets after many years).
Well OFC Nothing up here sells unless your practically giving it away Especially true here in the shiit Province of Quebec
it has to say Fender on the head stock or Gibson and Even then its a tough sell
if its any other brand no matter how good or expensive you paid for your guitar, it wont sell unless you practically give it away
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The only reason I sold my Original Rev was because new Gen had so many nice upgraded features I had paid it $850.00 tax included at the time got a good deal
and sold it for $700.00 but it took over 3K views and 20 offers and 4 months to sell it at a half decent price
I had some Moron say ill take it for $100.00 :cuss
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Those new Revstars look awesome. I've wanted a dual P90 one like Chris Buck has for a while.
So Project is somewhat advancing I got my Graphtech Tusq XL nut yesterday new pick guard and PuP rings coming next week
Just missing my Pickups another 2-3 weeks maybe
once have all the parts off to my Tech for Install and Pro Level adjustment
will be ready for Parisienne Walkways
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