WTF Are Directors Smoking These Days?!


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What IS it with so much dialogue in movies being performed in 'breathy whispers'? So many newer movies today have it, and a full 50% of it is not believable.
I read an article about that a while ago. I will Google for "Tenet" as it was relating to that and is a notorious example of this issue.
Tenet was pretty much ruined for me, when I watched it at home with "normal" volume levels :cry:
Nolan is awesome. But yes. I prefer Inception for that type of mind blown sci-fi vibe. The Prestige and Insomnia were awesome not-Batman choices as well.
Might have been this:

So this isn't so much your "breathy whispers" ... but it is about muffled dialogue. Perhaps this isn't the same thing you're asking about? 🤔
Wait. Are you telling me I'm not going deaf??

(Seriously, though, I've been complaining about this for a long time. It's a major problem when you've got a sleeping kid in the house, and probably the same if you've got disagreeable neighbors in an apartment situation.)
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We always have captions on now, and sometimes I worry I'm not really taking in/ appreciating the visuals as much as I should. Sometimes I catch myself just flat-out reading, and I think, "I should just go get a book." :/

100%. You finally look up and realize you don’t know which character it is because you’ve been reading for the last twenty minutes.

Can’t do it. Id rather develop my lip reading skills. lol