When to phase and when to flange?


TGF Recording Artist
Howdy guys and gals,

for those of you who like both flanger and phaser, what are your reasons to use one over the other in a given situation?
I am putting together a board right now and I thought about whether I want phasing and flanging and it got me thinking about their respective use cases... :idk
Phase more for wah like color than the actual effect. Flange for the jet engine effect and nothing else. Always before the amp.

And if I were picking one over the other: phaser all day long.
I have a flanger set ultra low in mix as an always on type of effect. It's barely noticeable but adds some nice thiccness.

I also have it set so that when I turn on my phaser it turns off the flanger. Phaser is set slow as a modulation effect just to make sections more spacey/trippy.

I prefer phaser because it goes up and down whereas the flanger just goes up but I guess they both have their place.
Yeah, I'm with Bruce on that one.

A phaser can chill on a lead tone and give it some depth without being distracting, a flanger tends to be a bit more "Listen to me!" I definitely prefer flangers in quick bursts rather than whole passages, unless the passage is meant to be a departure in some way.

Perfect example; VH's "Seventh Seal", Ed kicks on a flanger in the bridge and plays a bunch of flanger-friendly stuff that accentuates the sound of the pedal and keeps it on during a chill part, making it sound like the guitar tone is taking off from the speakers (no, I'm not high yet) in turn making it a pretty cool transition point in the song. Gonna shamelessly drop my cover of it here, queued up to the flanger spot-

That said, there's the Electric Mistress, which can do a pretty cool chorus sound and Gilmour used it all over The Wall and The Final Cut for exactly that. A bit outside the norm for flanger use.

I think I tend to go phaser when I want something more subtle that will give some movement to a soft tone, and I go flanger when I want something more dramatic.

Occasionally I’ll use a subtle flanger the same way I’d use a chorus, but typically I use it for a more overt effect
I typically use phaser for funky stuff.

Flanger, I’ll get back to you on that…. I keep trying to work it into my stuff but I rarely use it. Maybe it just isn’t my thing…