Troubleshooting Anything Tech-Related & Other Reasons To Drink. A Story About A Mouse


Rock Star
My mouse is back to working the way it should.

Not a huge issue I'll admit. Unlike when something screws up on my TV, and I try to figure out whether it's hardware or software... (hmmm..., is it the internet, wifi, or the streaming service? Or maybe the remote needs batteries! Duh! Grumble, mumble, cuss... I hate this sh!t.)

So the scroll wheel on my Logitech wireless mouse started acting a little weird a couple days ago. I'm sure of that, since I use it often, and therefore would notice any change in behavior, no matter how slight. Then in about a day, it stopped working altogether.

At first I thought it was finally time to change the battery (this thing must not use much current at all, because I can't remember how long it's had the same battery. Did I mention I love Logitech products?) However, the scroll wheel completely failed, yet the other functions continued to work, so now I'm thinking this is an internal failure of some sort, that wouldn't even be worth trying to diagnose, (let alone even think about fixing; "Liv-ing inna ma-ter-ial world, and I amma ma-ter-ial girl") especially since I have another one, brand-new in the never-opened box. Throw-away society indeed. sigh

But for now I can still scroll without using the wheel. Hey wait, look at this: When I press the wheel, an on-screen icon with up & down arrows shows up..., oh look at that- the screen moves up and down as I move the mouse. Oh wow-- I can control the speed by how far I move the mouse. Hmm, I could've used this feature. Oh well, at least I know now. Hmph, still have to click on the horizontal bars to move left/right. Aah, no big deal. When/if I get tired of doing it this way, I'll open that new mouse and use it instead. Wait, I seem to remember the directions also showing I can 'left/right-press' the scroll wheel also. What's that do? SH!T Where'd my post go?????? Oh, it's a way to go back. And forward. Oh, there it is. Huh! I learned TWO new ways to navigate screens today. Yippeee!!!

Ok, got it. I can still use this mouse. I hate throwing stuff away.

So overnight my computer ran itself out of battery life, so I have to restart it. I could've swore I set to Power Options so it would sleep at 10%. Oh well. I'll check that later. Fortunately all my open tabs (and windows- yeah I'd go into withdrawals..., check that..., I go into withdrawals without the internet) came back. And guess what else came back!

I suppose someone understands that these mouse functions are running on some sort of independent processes, since the scroll-wheel issue was not hardware-related after all. But I'm really surprised that one part of the functionality can be lost, while others still work.