This is what you call a Pedalboard!

Can you imagine this being part of your rig?

And Bass Pedals are made on a 3D printer :D




BTW, I never fihished that "modular" 3D printed MIDI Bass pedalboard. I found a second hand Korg MPK-130 that does the job

Rather than use it for bass, it is very fun to use Chord Generator engines, like Xfer Cthulhu, to play over the chord progressions.

KORG MPK-130.jpg
the bassist from umphreys used something like that a while a back, not sure if he is still using one or not but it was pretty damn cool when he did. i remember me and a buddy saw them at an outdoor festival and my buddy had on this big floppy hat and the bass shook the hat. it was hilarious.
Before I built my last pedalboard in an iPad box, I seriously considered tearing the pages out of a hardcover book and using that. And for weeks afterward, I'd look at every notebook, 3 ring binder, etc. like it might be my next victim LOL.

I have a secret dream about the perfectly worn in smaller suitcase… but i am also a little afraid if the potential hipster label that would put on me :LOL: