The pain of having new gear and not enough time to crack the box.


I have my dang BE-100 Deluxe sitting in the garage unopened and because of work and family commitments likely won’t get to give it a go until 10 days or more from now.

I wonder if this is the equivalent of GAS without the “acquisition” part. Something like GOT. Gear Obtained (no) Time?

Petty said “the waiting is the hardest part.” Miss you, man.
This is the most I have ever spent on gear. If it Doesn
Awww man that sucks! Think how killer it'll be once you crack that cardboard though! :guiness
If it lives up to my expectations then I will be one very happy camper with a bonus payday as mucho gear will be sold as a result.

In theory at least. :LOL:
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I hear that! I’m getting pummeled at work right now and by the time 4pm rolls around, my brain power is flashing the ‘5% Remaining’ warning. I managed to squeeze in an our on this week’s challenge last night and I was done, I was dozing off while playing.
Another mental ailment is having gear that you love to play and to spend hours tweaking and exploring (SY-1000 and VG-99) kept inside a drawer to spend the little time that you have to play guitar with the most illustrious gear (Axe-Fx).

And not to mention the unbearable suffering of the underplayed guitars...
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Played it. Every tone knob at noon except bass which is set at 9 as Dave suggested for lower levels. Voicing switches left on default. Gain at 7.5 on HBE, 9.5 on BE, 10 on Plexi.
Playing at Condo levels with ”Thump” up and presence around 1. 2x12 closed back with Creamback-65’s.

Wow. Early reporting for sure but exceeded my expectations. I’ll be selling some amps and pedals. I wish a full-featured 20-30 watt version was possible. This amp is so legit for me. Marshall heaven. Again, just wow.

I’ll provide updates as I explore more. Kicks the Bogner 3532, JCM800 Studio right in the Jimmy’s. Gonna A/B it with 5150III 50-watt 6L6 head later. One thing is clear, Dave Friedman knows his stuff. It’s like a greatest hits head.
this was me for years and years. I had a basement full of gear either unopened or used once and just sitting there with zero time to use any of it. Amps, guitars, pedals, recording shit you name it. I was working 1600 overtime hours a year on top of my 40 a week plus family etc etc. THEN covid hit and I was sitting my ass at home 3 weeks at a time on base pay and belt tightening. These days, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Life changes. Enjoy your new amp when you can.