The beauty of the BD2

Never tried the Waza a big improvement over the standard?
I haven't played a real BOSS BD-2 or the Waza version for that matter. But I have the Mooer Blues Mood (has the Keeley fat mod as well) and it is my favourite last in line gain box that I almost use as a preamp in front of my clean pedal platform amp. Gives that amp like dirt and edge of break up thing and stacks great with drive pedals in front of it.
I have a BD-2 (before they went SMD) and an Angry Driver, both are stellar pedals. I like the gain low, tone and volume to taste.
I've had one for a number of years. Kinda love/hate pedal for me. Amp dependent, but I like it better when the amp is starting to breakup a bit. I prefer the OD-3, it's like a happy balance between a BD-2 and TS9.
Just got an OD3 and it's definitely my favourite BOSS "amp in a box" drive.
It's been an overlooked pedal for a long time, but seems the last few years people are really starting to notice this gem.
I've had two Keeley SPMs but have ended up selling both. I really want to like the Blues Driver, but man, to me it's more hot/cold than a Rat. Some days I absolutely loved the tone I got and others I would stare at it and wonder what was wrong haha.

I'm a big All Them Witches fan so I keep getting drawn back to the Blues Driver. I'm thinking next round I'll pick up a bone-stock non-Waza BD-2 and see how that goes.