Synergy SYN-2 MIDI with Morningstar MC8


In case anyone is wondering how to setup a Morningstar MC8 to change channels on a Synergy SYN-2.

The Synergy SYN-2 manual has the following chart for MIDI assignments:


and states:

"When selecting a channel using CC messages, only a message with a CC value of 64 or higher will have any
effect. Messages with a CC value of 63 or lower is ignored.
The Mute CC (#64) will mute all channels of the
SYN-2 if a value of 64 or higher is received, and will unmute the amp if a value of 63 or lower is received."

What the bolded text above means is that the CC Value needs to be set to 64 or higher. The chart explains what CC Number is needed to change the corresponding channel.

Morningstar MC8 example preset below:

Hi texhex,

What do you use the MC8 for in addition to the Syn?

I'm struggling a bit with my MC8. Mainly control strategies. Coming from the big MIDI controller background with all of the IA switches, there seems to be many ways the MC-8 can do a job, but also mess things up.

Is the MS forum much good?

Isn't it easier to do this with basic PC commands.

Start with preset 1 on MorningStar, select what channel you want on Syn2 and press/ hold the channel button to store. Switch to press 2, do the same thing and so on.

I don't really see the need to use CC for this. Unless I'm misunderstanding something.