Stone is Crying Now

Great job once again. I’m crying! Over the fact that I don’t have time to play these days and learn these cool solos that you are learning. LOL.
Nice! I love Schon's lead playing. He can rip, but always plays so melodically, and perfect for the song!

Great job, Stone! :beer
Mike's great rendition reminded me of the history of that solo. According to Schon:

So the producers and the whole band were getting frustrated with me because I wasn’t giving up. I probably did about, I don’t know, 15 takes, and it was going nowhere slow... So out of pure frustration, I played the simplest thing, just kind of being like a smart-ass. I was in the studio and I thought, Oh, this will shut them up. And I played it, and I went, “There you go. That’s what you want.” And they go, “It’s fucking perfect.” [Laughs.]
Very cool! Not my area of expertise but reminds me of my mtv in the late 80’s childhood. Solo is very nice.