Post-Rock or its side, sub, pre genres, start here!

the swede

So, this map is a little old. But it’s a good map and should get you going if you want to take a deep dive into this world. If anyone is into this as much as I am, it would be fun to have a long term ongoing thread about it. There’s a ton of new stuff not on this map but most of these are essentials.
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Doesn't mean anything without my albums on there!!
I haven’t ventured pre The World Inside yet

But it was good enough to me that I’ve added every album to my Apple library. My plan is to start from Collapse and go through all in order :giggle:

(I do that every time i listen to post rock… just plow through them all… haha! I don’t bother with playlists and shit… when I listen to Mono… I listen through them all, as an example. It usually takes a week listening through a bands catalogue during work and in the car… hammock and mogwai usually takes me longer but so worth it….
if it’s shorter albums I roll the same around during the day and next morning the next album. Do I have a problem? :ROFLMAO: Nah… perfectly happy and sane human being here. On the outside at least!)
Thanks Mike !
Hopefully this won’t be an added distraction from my attempt to play guitar 😂😂😂
Distraction is one of the true traits of a serious post rock musician. I guess Coldplay or any excessively musical P&W gathering is easier listening… heck… sometimes I have to wade through so many try to be… having a song go from quiet to an avalanche wall of crescendo just won’t cut it. Sometimes simple but original is the only recipe for my approval. The “crescendo core “ thing may be accepted but it’s definitively not the ground recipe.